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 Do you know how to tell if the spring on your garage door is broken? Above your door there is either a shaft that holds 1 or 2 springs, or there is a solid tube that has springs on the inside. If 1 of those 2 springs has separated or "detached" itself from the header bracket. If your garage door has a solid "Torque Tube" then disengage your opener, and try and lift the door up, If the garage door is heavy & un-liftable then you know the springs inside that shaft are broke & in need of replacing.

     Call us & schedule a service to replace the "torsion spring" system, or "Torque Tube" system. A servicing includes lubrication of your rollers, hinges, springs, screwdrive opener style, checking rollers & hinges for wear, and checking garage door opener force.


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